Services we perform

Full or partial renovation, Car bodywork, Car paint

Our services

Full or partial renovation

We renovate both parts and entire vehicles.
Whether it’s an original renovation or a custom build.
Our specialty is Pro Touring, everything from modern front or rear suspension to swapping for a modern engine.
We produce 3D printed special parts, based on your ideas. We can produce carbon fiber details, to entire body parts in carbon fiber. Car electrical systems, we can replace, repair or troubleshoot.
We take care of the registration inspection after the rebuild. We are passionate about cars, and would love to get involved in your special project.

Car bodywork

Our specialty is bodywork, which can mean everything from rust repair to swapping an old body onto a new car. We make customized sheet metal or aluminum parts according to your wishes.

Car paint

Everything from complete paint jobs to painting of parts. Car painting is an art form, and here we work closely with the customer to achieve the best collective result.


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